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As SGMS finally ends this site will be going through a lot of changes. The site will be exclusive to my personal photography and videographer work. I will keep the major SGMS projects like our Media Studies Final on the site but archive, bury and most likely burn the rest.

Acting your Age

You Idiots

I never act my age, acting your age is for others that would like to party and smoke all day long whom I unfortunately have to interact with on a near daily basis. Now I will tell you a story of what I think “Acting your age” is about.

“Society” wants us to conform to a certain figure, and society, as in normal people thinks otherwise. We are often blamed for all that others do, and by we I mean the superior teenagers. One day after school Patrick, Tyler, Ian and I walked into the convenience store before heading to Patrick’s house for the evening. As we walked in we were greeted in the “usual” way, the look most store workers give a bunch of teenagers when the walk in. The dark sneer and deep, heavy breath that greets all teenagers. As we shopped around for our various snacks I was approached by a mid forties man. He said, “Go put your backpack by the counter”. Why, because I have to live with the stereotype that teen age kids always and I mean always steal every time they walk into a store? First off I was carrying over 2000 dollars of electronics in that backpack, which is most likely worth more that the cash on hand and all the merchandise in the store. Why would I steal anything from this store? That’s what I wish I had said. I willingly placed my backpack near the front counter and continued on my way.

Every single day I have to live with a stereotype weighing on my shoulders because of teenagers that “act their age”. Honestly every time I see a group of people “acting their age” they are obnoxious and smell like cigarettes and more often then not alcohol. We live in the YOLO generation of idiots and drunkards. If this is what “acting your age” is about, I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.



The Mustard Seed

My high for this trip was talking to all the different people at the Mustard Seed and how much they have to tell. These people have been through some tough times but sometimes have great stories. My low was when we first started talking to Chris he seemed very hostile. But after a while he really opened up to us. The best story was from J.P and Eric. The man they were talking to made some funny comments. When Miss Mann walked over to check on them he said he never had teachers that good looking. What I was surprised about was how real these people were. Most people are just normal people but these people have something special about them. The building was not what I expected. I thought it would have been “Downtown” in the alleys and in the inner business core. The building was in an older residential area and was a 100-year-old church. It was really unique and had lots of stories to tell in itself. Paula was not what I expected. I expected her to be much more “hippyish” but she wasn’t she was just like anybody else her age. I felt really awkward and out of place at first but as the day went on we felt more and more at home. Some of us didn’t want to leave. This trip showed us how fortunate we are in Lloyd. We a quite wealthy and have it really good here.

Video Conference with Felix Opatowski

Today the SGMS students at HRHS had the opportunity to talk with Holocaust survivor Felix Opatowski. We read his book titled “Gatehouse to Hell” and watched the movie to go along with it. I appreciated Felix sharing his story because the last thing he wants to remember is this experience. As he said he goes to sleep in Auschwitz and wakes up from Auschwitz every night and every day. I was surprised to see how Felix is so calm now sharing his story as it was a terrifying number of years for him. I learned so much from reading his book, watching the movie and talking to him face to face. Felix told us and shows us that the problems and things we complain about on a daily basis are nothing. He truly went to hell and back and Auschwitz was a true Gatehouse to hell.

SharkWater Documentary

What does population have to do with the decrease in shark numbers and how does this impact all of us?

  • The ocean is the majority of the world and all the species in the ocean take precedence over land species. If ocean species become unbalanced so does the rest of the world.

Think about the pollution in the ocean- how does this fit within the Social Studies 20 targets?

  • The world overpopulation is causing our water sources including the ocean to become extremely polluted. All the garbage and heavy metals being dumped into the oceans and seas of the world affect all species through bioaccumulation.

What do you like about this video and its message?

  • I like the video, it is very well produced and the visuals are very catchy and interesting. I think this video’s message is intriguing. Many countries in the world want to stop illegal fishing and poaching. They enlist help from organizations such as Sea Shepard to help enforce and they often get into trouble. All governments are corrupt and the inner workings also interfere with justice.

What do you think Rod Stewart could have done better?

  • Nothing, this story is very real and not faked. It shows how much conservationists go through just to protect the species that our world relies on.

Rod Stewart is a Canadian filmmaker who followed his dream to expose an issue on our planet.
-What is something you would like to expose through video?

  • I would like to expose the life of aviation to the world. Not airshows and fighter jets but what it means to be a pilot, just like Rob did  in SharkWater. He showed the toils that conservationists go through to save the animals they love. This true realism in cinema and television draws viewers. Hollywood “Reality” TV shows are so faked viewers are turning away. This is why Duck Dynasty and similar shows are growing in popularity. They are fresh and real, just like this documentary.

-How would you chose to market it?

  • I would market it as the the true aviation experience. Flying the plane not a computer.

To Kill a Mockingbird Predictions

Jem: My prediction is that Jem really wants to find Boo Radley and all his dark secrets. He is maturing and starting to realize more of his surroundings. He realizes most of what people tell about others isn’t true and Maycomb is a sea of lies and disbelief.

Scout: Like Jem is becoming more mature and is hungry to explore. She wants to find out more about Boo Radley and all the other people shrouded in mystery throughout the town. He discovery of Mr. Raymond’s fake alcoholism pushes her into finding more of the “inner workings” of Maycomb and the surrounding county.

Bob: Bob Ewell infuriated at the loss of his case between his daughter and Tom Robinson proceeds to get after Atticus and Tom Robinson. He murders Tom and treats Atticus like dirt, he thinks the sole purpose Tom Robinson winning was Atticus and if they had any other lawyer the odds would have been in his families favour

Tom Robinson: After the success of his case against Mayella Ewell, Tom thinks he’s in the clear but ends up in jail. He tries to escape and gets killed by the guards.

Boo: Comes out and is very intrigued by the kids. He sees them as an opportunity to come out to the real world and to repair his reputation in Maycomb.

Atticus: Atticus goes into deep depression after Tom Robinson case. He doubts the justice community and Maycomb.

Heck Tate: In my opinion Heck Tate becomes even more of an ally to Atticus keeping them safe and to prevent any further harassment because the results of the Tom Robinson case. He helps Atticus bring racial equality to Maycomb and the surrounding area.

Thank You Mary-Ann!

Today we had the honour of having an interview with the author of the Book “I Am Hutterite”. I would like to thank Mary-Ann for taking time out of her day to have a chat with us. She must be pretty busy having your book become recommended resource for both Saskatchewan and Manitoba English curriculums. I appreciated her openness and how accepting she was of what we asked. It was an open table conversation and she let anything go. I was surprised to know how Hutterite Mary-Ann still is. She still wears Hutterite clothing on occasion and still visits many colonies. I was surprised how her wedding was a blend of English and Hutterite tradition. I was surprised how Mary-Ann explained how she really, really fit into English when she said… “I Am Hutterite”. I thought for sure that she fit in when she hit Grade 12. I can relate to her childhood experience of being humiliated by her dress. I had my Air Cadet survival camp this weekend and if I kept my clothing on from that weekend I would be seen exactly the same way. Combat boots, pants, jacket, face paint and a Tilley hat. People would have thought that I just broke out of an asylum! It must have had been hard to become accepted into English society. I’m glad to see that she still has good relations with her family. I am on the same boat as well; even though most of family on both sides is strewn around the country we still have ties to each other. Heck I even have relatives in Brazil and Holland and still have relationships to them. I’m so grateful that Mary-Ann shared her experience of her childhood and growing up and into English culture. Reading her book and meeting the author was a pleasure. How many times have you done this in your life? I have done it twice with Sigmund Brouwer and now Mary-Ann Kirkby. Its awesome reading a book and then getting meet the author. The person who went through the tale and then wrote about that and with that I thank you Mary-Ann!

What is a Vlog?

Patrick and I are flabourgastated that no one really knows what a vlog is. Plus someone said in there peer edit that news CAN’T be funny. I never want to hear about news again if it can’t be funny. Take a look at this, this is what a true vlog looks like. Thanks you, Toby, …



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